About Cato


Cato is the crystallisation of the Customer Value Maximization practice founded by Xerago  and delivered to leading banks across the world for nearly for a decade. Xerago operates at the confluence of Communication, Technology and Analytics, to maximize customer value.

Founded in 2004, Xerago has continuously grown in revenues, customer base, offices, and headcount. Today, Xerago has offices in San Francisco Bay Area, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and Mumbai. It’s consulting, engineering and customer support teams are located offshore in India - in Chennai and Mumbai.

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Team Cato

Given the scope of Customer Value Maximization, it should not come as a surprise that Xerago has heterogeneous skill sets. Consulting experts in Business, Marketing, Technology, Communication and Analytics, Big Data experts, Cloud platform design, Creative Designers, Statistical Modelers, Software Engineers working on Java, NodeJS, PhP, and Python, Campaign experts on IBM and Adobe stacks, Digital and Social Media Marketers, Analytics Gurus, all come together to form a diverse, multi-disciplinary team that is capable of maximizing customer value for large and small organizations.

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