Cato Customer Cloud brings a customer-centric approach to marketing.  Where customer's objectives are more important than business objectives. Here's how Cato helps you do that.

Zero-click engine

to manufacture insights across your customer base.


One-click engine

to act on those insights with the intervention of most relevance to customers.

Ready for the upturn?

No data integration

Just provide extract files.


No integration System

No need to integrate with any other systems.
All required systems are already integrated into Cato..

Single relevant message

Omniscient and omnipresent. Wherever the customer turns, they see one message. And one message only. Of relevance.


Scalable as you grow

Cloud-based. No local infrastructure.
Scale on demand.

Ready for serendipity?

Pay per success

Completely accountable pricing model. We partner to release the value locked in your customers and your databases. You pay for successful transactions.

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Deploy one manager

who understands your bank and can click buttons. Get powerful analytical insights and execute sophisticated marketing programs.

Rest assured.

We comply with the relevant banking infosec, privacy and regulatory standards. SOC2 Type II, GLBA, GDPR, FACT-Act. CAN-SPAM. FTC. TCPA.

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