CATO Comes With a Rich

Set of Features...

CATO Comes With a Rich Set of Features...

Algorithmically Derived Segments

For Maximum Response Rate

CATO features algorithmically-derived customer segments with unique Calls-to-Action, presented as campaigns. These hyper-targeted campaigns elicit response rates in the range of 40%!


Campaign Recommendations Engine

For Simplified Marketing Decisions

CATO empowers you with intelligent choice of campaign objectives and communication approaches aligned to each micro segment so that your customers love your brand without you having to sweat on making marketing decisions.

Omnichannel Communication

For Maximum Reach

CATO comes with pre-integrated communication templates, scripts and imageries for Email, SMS, Mobile Push and Voice Call that ensures true omnichannel communication with your customers.


Hyper Personalization

For Superior Customer Experience

Personalize your marketing communication beyond just addressing customers by their first names. CATO's rich library of context-specific copy and imagery amplifies relevance and
provides for a superior Customer Experience.

Multiple Exposures

For Maximum Response Rate

CATO gives you the ability to run multiple exposures with variants of your message to maximize the possibility of your message getting exposed to the customer at a favorable moment when s/he is most likely to make a decision and respond positively.


Self-Learning Campaigns

For Response Optimization

CATO comes with pre-built algorithms that continuously, track and optimize hundreds of variables that impact customer response to ensure each campaign delivers maximum response.

Creative Factory

For Creating High Impact Creatives at Scale

With CATO, through a single interface, you can design finely crafted, personalized Email, SMS, Mobile Push and Voice Call communication that are most relevant for each micro segment, in minutes, with pre-configured tracking codes.


ZERO Integration

For Quicker Go Live

CATO comes with pre-built connectors to dozens of the most common data sources and applications. Hence, there is no long-winding implementation cycle. With a CATO subscription you can go live in just about 7 days!

CATO has hundreds of other features that are aimed at simplifying marketing efforts and amplifying marketing results. To request CATO’s complete list of features

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