meet Smart.

Introducing Cato Customer cloud.

Built on well-understood but little-practised marketing principles,Cato is the world’s first and only Algorithmic Customer Cloud.

Convert one-off customers into deep relationships

Cross-sell every product and service to every customer

Influence dormant customers to transact actively

Make every customer profitable and deeply connected

Develop deeper customer loyalty

With a single click.

Say hello to Algorithmic Marketing.

Cato analyzes all your existing customer behaviors and targets them with relevant marketing communication

to drive revenues, loyalty, channel adoption, retention and growth. With one-button click.

Built-in Campaigns

Cato Customer Cloud comes stocked with a rich set of marketing campaigns, automated micro segments, and a comprehensive relationship dashboard. This built-in intelligence makes customer marketing a no-brainer, literally.


Cato Customer Cloud features an AI-driven, ML-based one-click Autopilot working tirelessly at optimizing your customer portfolio month after month – for continuous value-gain.


Engage with your customers through their current channel of preference. Cato enables communication across a range of traditional and digital channels.

You’re in Great Company

Cato Customer Cloud is the synthesis of Xerago’s 10+ years of in-the-trenches experience running over 1 billion marketing interventions.