How does it work?

At the heart of the Cato Customer Cloud is a Continuous Prediction Engine. This engine continuously analyzes prospect plus customer behaviors and identifies the perfect opportunity to sell, grow value, or engage resulting in revenue growth.

100s of customer signals

Changes in app usage, value and frequency of transactions and many other behaviors indicate a shift in the relationship status quo of the customer with your brand. Cato identifies such shifts that provide an opportunity for you to either grow value, or engage with the customer.

1-1 (1)

Automate to machine scale

If you are familiar with Marketing Automation tools, you know the effort involved in cutting lists, deduping customer profiles from multiple lists, attaching and personalizing creatives, setting up tracking codes, attaching Call to Action buttons and tracking responses. The Business Value Engine automates every single step. It requires zero human intervention. Let us repeat that: ZERO human intervention.

Ready for resurgence?

Grow within a virtuous cycle

Not only does the messaging happen automatically. Cato also captures and analyzes all response data automatically. This analysis is then used to predict future responses automatically. So, if Andre responded to an email for a Usage Increase on a Wednesday morning, then that data is automatically analyzed to predict likelihood of response for the next program targeted at Andre and customers like Andre. This virtuous cycle continuously improves response rates and customer consumption.


Optimize your customer portfolio

To sum up, imagine a system that keeps identifying subtle, almost invisible signals in customer behaviors, creates customer segments, predicts the best course of action for each segment, triggers the most relevant and effective messaging for each customer and optimizes concurrently and autonomously.

Don't just grow. Evolve.

However even though Cato is fully automated, it incorporates a number of safety valves. To ensure that customers are not saturated with marketing communication, the system employs a Customer Contact Governance Policy which limits the number of times a customer can be contacted within any calendar period. Also, there are Maker Checker workflows built in. Compliance approvals are also configured into the workflow.


Effectively, the Cato Customer Cloud can be considered a Data Sciences and Marketing Army in a box. Using just one FTE and a system of two button clicks, you can suddenly become the most omniscient, omnipresent insurance firm in the world.