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Influencer Benefits

Cato Customer cloud is very thankful to you as an influencer for its success. We understand that our influencer's time is valuable and Cato plans to compensate handsomely for your time and effort.   

Time commitments

Fixed revenues could run up to $6k for less than 20 hours of time commitments a quarter.

Customer Introductions

Variable revenues could run up to $50k annually.            

Good Karma

The good you do today is bound to return manyfold. We're happy to link you up with our karma cycle  🙂


"Savvy, meet smart"!

Built on well-understood but little-practised marketing principles, Cato is the world’s first and only Algorithmic Customer Cloud.

Here are 3 reasons why you would love to start making intros.

Built-in Campaigns

Cato Customer Cloud comes stocked with a rich set of marketing campaigns, automated micro segments, and a comprehensive relationship dashboard. This built-in intelligence makes customer marketing a no-brainer, literally.


Cato Customer Cloud features an AI-driven, ML-based one-click Autopilot working tirelessly at optimizing your customer portfolio month after month – for continuous value-gain.


Engage with your customers through their current channel of preference. Cato enables communication across a range of traditional and digital channels.

Cato Influencer Program

Cato Customer cloud's fast growth is helped by experts in the industry.  The guidance and advice from experts helps Cato in 

Market positioning

Product enhancements

Insight into new geos

Product awareness

Customer Referrals



Scheduled quarterly meeting: 2 hours over phone / video conference / in-person

Publishing articles twice a quarter (writing, editing and publishing help will be provided)

Other meetings as required, over available channels

Influencer Criteria

  • Industry veteran, especially from a B2B angle, with a large captive audience. But, we value influence more than reach!

  • May be regarded as a maverick or a contrarian; nevertheless, commands respect within the marketing automation industry.

  • Active with a consistent track record of posting quality, original content.

  • High engagement ratio with the audience on your accounts / channels.

  • Understands and is compliant with FTC Guidelines for online influencers.